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Glasgow Tour 2003

A Fine Pair
Feeling the coolness

He hasn't even got going and he's knackered.

Has anyone seen my weed?.
Stright Runner
Just going to run as straight as that line!

Corbie and his opposite number can do this lark with their eyes closed!

SUCH a forward pass ref!
Giving it loads
Ollie and the Wooly Mammoth in full song!

Bunch of lads in Old Guy Caps!


To the Victors the spoils!

As sidestepping techniques go, John's is very poor!

The teams on the day.

Again on the team photos

Tis no man, tis a remorseless rucking machine!

Contrary to popular believe it was found that the Wooly Mammoth does in fact exist!

I came to San Diego and all I got was this T Shirt. Still I do have a cool cap!

There is no opposition opposition!

John teaches Scaldy how to be "With it"!